Bright modern original artwork

 If you're looking for vibrant, beautiful, original artwork - then you've come to the right place! I love bright, vivid colours -  mostly because I’m an excited and joyful artist! 


With my bold use of brilliant colours, careful selection of papers and choice of subject matter - I create unique pieces which capture the Scottish outdoors through a contemporary lens.

Original artwork for your home

To create my original artwork - I use acrylic paint on paper.  This means that each piece is a one of a kind, unique and original artwork for your home.

My process in creating my bright Scottish original artwork

Being based on the shores of Loch Long - I'm never short of inspiration! I love the outdoors and I love taking squillions of photos – they’re the equivalent of my ‘sketches’. Then I leave things to bubble away  for a while and then at some point – it’ll be ready to come out. When it is, it's quite instinctive and I work quickly which is beautifully suited to my choice of medium - acrylic paint is very quick drying so I can quickly build up layers of colour. I use acrylic paint on paper to achieve a vibrant finish so I can showcase a fresh, modern twist on Scottish sea and landscapes.

I do Scottish artwork 

(This bit is for the google bots!) All pieces of original artwork sold on this site are created by a Scottish artist who lives in Scotland, who derives inspiration from her Scottish environment and the things in it – from the shores of Loch Long to the Highlands and Islands.