I’m Joe - a paddle boarding, dog loving modern artist based near the shores of Loch Long, Scotland. 

Endlessly inspired by the outdoors - I delight in creating big, bold, vibrant original artwork that celebrates the simple joys of life – nature, beauty and uplifting colour.  I love the Scottish outdoors. I feel refreshed and nourished when I'm outside romping about - my senses dazzled by the colour and by the epic scale my surroundings! It makes me joyful to work with it and  to share it in my artwork. 

It's taken a long time to acknowledge and embrace my inner creative which I regret and it makes me sad that creativity is not adequately fostered in our education system. To this end - I've made it a bit of a mission to provide online art opportunities for children and adults to engage with their creativity and give it a go! My online  'Arty Parties' are all about sharing and celebrating the joy of creativity as I believe deep down  the world needs all the uplifting colour and happiness we can create right now.


If you agree, go ahead and explore my work, book a place in one of my Arty Parties or drop me a line to say ‘hello’.

Thanks for dropping by!